Сanyon Keprulu rafting price

Сanyon Keprulu rafting price

 Сanyon Keprulu rafting price
8/10/2020 12:39:32 PM
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How long have you been outdoors? To go as a family or company in the forest or to the lake is wonderful, but such beauty you have not seen. We invite you on a tour to Keprulu Canyon.

This delightful place is located near Antalya on a huge area of 500 hectares. Tourists are greeted by a mountain river 183 km long, from it formed 7 canyons, the most picturesque and large - it is Keprulu. Here, all holidaymakers have an amazing view.

The national park has many different plants and trees, there are about 500 species, this unique place has become home to more than 100 species of birds, even the famous species of the sypaha, lives in a stunning canyon.

In the reservoirs of the reserve there is a trout and mullet, and sea turtles, which reach 1.5 meters in length, never go unnoticed by holidaymakers and joint photos for memory. Surprising and the size of Keprulu, a canyon 14 km long, the width is 100 meters, with the depth here is really not worth joking, because it reaches 400 meters.

Excursion to the canyon will suit absolutely all tourists, from the younger to the older generation, from the couple, to the active youth. Holidaymakers with any requests will have something to see and remember, as tour groups are recruited on interests, it is worth noting, each group thanks the guides and reviews about Keprulu Canyon leave only positive.

What types of recreation are available in Keprulu Canyon

There are a variety of leisure activities, including:
  • Mountaineering.
  • Riding, if you are not an experienced rider or traveling with children, you will be provided with an experienced instructor, with whom you will be safe and will get a huge impression.
  • Hiking, exploring the canyon area, gorges and ponds, as well as visiting the ruins of the city of Selge, which is of historical importance, it was founded after the Trojan War.
  • Rafting from Side on a mountain river, it's a really fascinating experience. The price of rafting in Keprulu Canyon varies depending on the chosen program. It may just be rafting or combo tours. There are many such things: rafting plus quad safari, or buggy safari or jeep safari. There are also guided tours of the canyon, zipline and further down the river. On the scale of difficulty, the alloy is rated at 2-3 points, so it is suitable even for 4-year-olds, but more experienced and extreme tourists can start their tour from another point and the route will thus be more exciting. Experienced instructors, equipment, escort and adrenaline are guaranteed to all holidaymakers. The rafting lasts about 2 hours, the route is about 12 km.

Agree, for every taste there is a tour, as in the canyon Keprulu really have something to see. Be sure to see the historical monument, the attraction - the Oluk Bridge. It connects the two banks of the mountainous river Keprulu, once it served as a link between the two ancient cities of Pamphilia and Pisidia.

Keprulu Canyon is a delightful, mysterious, historic place, a natural attraction of Turkey.