Cappadocia from Side in winter

Cappadocia from Side in winter
2020-12-23 10:07:17
Side Tours

For those who want to fly balloons in Cappadocia, we will discover the secret, the season and flights are all year round. In Cappadocia, the weather is very different day and night. Cappadocia is not considered a city, but is an area that includes several towns and villages. During the Cappadocia tour from Side for 3 days you will stay in the village of Goerme, where most of the hotels are located. One of the main highlights of Cappadocia - cave hotels! Back in the Middle Ages, locals began to build their homes in cave rocks, now they have been converted into hotels. The main feature of this place - it's balloons. There are not many places in the world where you can arrange a flight, but nowhere it does not look as beautiful as here.
First, up to 1000 balls are soaring into the air at a time.
Secondly, you will be delighted with the beauty of the landscape of the area.
In Cappadocia everything is beautiful and so unusual, you will get unforgettable emotions and impressions. For all the remaining questions, write to us in Watsap, Weiber or WK, we are happy to answer them.