Green Manavgat Canyon how to get there

Green Manavgat Canyon how to get there

Green Manavgat Canyon how to get there
8/10/2020 4:31:40 PM
Side Tour
Turkey, as a multifaceted gem, for some it is a hotel and a beach, for other historical values and excursions through the ruins, extremes fly here for adrenaline, rafting, diving.

We invite you to open Turkey from the other side. Not far from Manavgat there is an amazing corner of the country, the canyon, which is recognized as a national park, also here you can plunge into the real, colorful life of the local population.

Green Canyon is an artificial reservoir, the largest in Turkey. In size, the area of the reservoir is 500 hectares, the depth reaches 100 meters, the location above sea level is 350 meters, and the water temperature is 12 degrees Celsius regardless of the time of year. The most interesting thing is that the reservoir replenishes 27 mountain springs. Surrounded by greenery and mountains, the majesty of the emerald water fascinates and fascinates. About the appearance of Green Canyon will tell our experienced guide, these are quite interesting facts.

Location of Green Canyon Manavgat

The amazing location of the reservoir, it is surrounded by olive groves, tangerines, oranges, pomegranate trees, almonds, the whole landscape is so mesmerizing that tourists who visited the canyon for the first time, do not believe their eyes. The whole picture seems fabulous and not real.

It is home to mountain eagles, they nest in trees and hunt fish, be sure to bring a camera to capture the riot of colors of the magical corner of Turkey.

All tourists will be waiting for a walk on a yacht in the canyon, a tour of the water gives an opportunity to consider the small details of the landscape, as well as the opportunity to plunge and freshen up in the reservoir. The water here is cold, so do not ignore the safety rules, follow the clear instructions of the guide.

The best way to get to Manavgat Green Canyon is to book a tour of the Green Canyon from Side, so a comfortable shuttle will take all tourists from hotels and on the mountain serpentine road will take to the observation deck. You will have the opportunity to enjoy nature, scenery and breathe fresh air. Then the tour bus goes to the wharf, where tourists are transferred to a boat and our journey acquires new colors.

Don't forget to bring sunscreen, swimsuits, drinking water and warm clothes. If you travel independently by car, then develop your route in advance and mark interesting points on the map. Very often on the way to the iconic places you can quite accidentally meet no less interesting locations. It takes 40-50 minutes of your time to drive from Side 30 km, which will take 40-50 minutes of your time if you drive slowly. You can get there by three routes, so it is better to check the best option at the front desk in advance.

Travel, get positive emotions and get to know the real Turkey.