2020-12-19 18:45:39
Side Tours

HIERAPOLIS (PAMUKKALE) - is called a Holy City in Archeological literature because there were many temples and religious buildings in Hierapolis. Information about Hierapolis is limited. It is known that the king of Pergamum, Eumenes II, founded the city in 190 B.C. and that was destroyed by the earthquake in 60 A.D. during the time of Roman Emperor Nero. This area is known for its unique properties of water sources, which locals and visitors consider to be healing. Hierapolis is an exceptional example of a Greco-Roman thermal installation established on an extraordinary natural site. The ruins of the baths, temples and other Greek monuments can be seen at the site.

HIERAPOLIS (PAMUKKALE) - program includes:

  • Visiting terraces.
  • Walk through the Roman amphitheater, where was enough space for more than twenty-five thousand people.
  • Visit the ruins of the temple of Apollo, St. Philip's martyrium.
  • Roman baths and saunas, where, according to legend, Cleopatra used to be.
  • Walk around Hierapolis and the local necropolis, which is considered the largest Turkish cemetery.
  • The thermal pool and the red water springs of Karahayit.

Five times a week we organize the trip to this very popular tourist destination. Join us on this exciting journey!