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General Information : Kızılağaç - is a small resort village not far from Side, surrounded by rocky mountains. Around the village stretches picturesque pine forests and valleys filled with incredibly fresh healing air. The unique beauty of the area is complemented by extensive cotton fields. Unique landscapes, coupled with sandy beaches and clean sea water will allow you to fully enjoy a peaceful rest and relax after the bustle of the city.
Top Hotels : Silence Beach Resort 5 *, Starlight Resort Hotel 5 *, Sunrise Resort Hotel 5 *, Club Hotel Turan Prince World 5 *, Washington Resort & SPA 5 *, Club Nena 5 *, Lyra Resort & SPA 5 *, Sea World Resort & SPA 5 *.
Distance to center of Antalya : 87 km
Distance to Antalya Airport : 77 km
Distance to Gazipasa Airport : 90 km
Population : 4400 people
Famous Beaches : beach
Nearby Entertainment Centers : Manavgat Waterfall, Manavgat Delta, Apollo Temple, Side Historical Museum, Nympheum Fountain, Side promenade, Antique amphitheater.
Shopping Centers : Novamall Manavgat AVM, Novoman, Farmers Center Kumkoy
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Kızılağaç is a small village located in proximity to the metropolis of Side. Its territory is so unusual and mysterious that it creates the feeling that the traveller himself has become the hero of an oriental tale. It is no secret that excursions to Kızılağaç are very popular among the tourists. Here, people know how to appreciate every day of their lives and enjoy it. Locals never hurry, don't get nervous - in general, they lead an infinitely calm and philosophical way of life. This village is known as a quiet and luxurious resort. Every year hundreds of people rest here who lead a Bohemian lifestyle. Kızılağaç is a family resort. The hotels have specialists with pedagogical education who deal with children during the absence of their parents. In the town, most hotels have five stars, there is also a few entertainment centres. To find more exciting options for hanging out, many tourists go on tours from Kızılağaç.

Tours are a personal choice for those who appreciate holiday and are not afraid to make amazing discoveries for themselves. For those who want to see more natural beauties of Turkey, a transfer to other towns and cities is provided. You can go to Manavgat to see the waterfall and exotic gardens or in Side to visit the ancient buildings, which are the cultural heritage, the extraordinary ancient archaeological buildings will tell about the events that created the country's structure. Travellers are invited to visit the protected areas, which are filled with a variety of flora and fauna. At close range, you can see birds and animals that you can hardly see in any part of the world.