Excursions in 2021 from Kizilot


What we need to know : Kızılot is a new and modern resort in the Side region, which is gaining momentum. The village is great for lovers of quiet and measured rest without the hustle and bustle of the nightlife. The typical landscape of the village is a hilly plain with a strip of sandy-pebble beach and a highway along the coast itself. Kızıot will appeal to those who want to just forget about everything on vacation and lazily sunbathe on the beach during the day and sit in the evening with a glass of cocktail.
Famous accommodation places : Club Calimera Serra Palace, Hotel Grün, Cenger Beach Resort & Spa, Hotel Schonberg, Club Hotel Felicia Village, Sentido Flora Garden Hotel, Sunis Elita Beach Resort Hotel & Spa, Club Hotel Turan Prince World
How far from the center of Antalya : 90 km
Distance to Antalya airport : 80 km
Distance to Gazipaşa airport : 87 km
Registered population living all year : 3000 people
Famous place to swim : Kızılot Beach
Places to visit : Manavgat Waterfall, Temple of Apollo, Side Historical Museum, Nympheum Fountain, Side promenade, Ancient Amphitheater.
Shopping malls : Novamall Manavgat AVM, Novoman, Farmers Center Kumkoy

Turkey never ceases to amaze travelers and opens excursions to Kızılot in front of them. The city won them by their beauty, the generous land and the spiritual mood of the people. There are favorable conditions for rest and inspiration. Thousands of people testify to the magnificent beauty of this place. If you do not want to stay away from this spectacle, then welcome to Kızılot. The main advantage of the city is the azure sea and the luxurious beaches. Travelers are waiting for various parties: rowing, paragliding and scuba diving, and more. Tourists come here to enjoy the sea, touring discotheques and bars. You can also make good shopping, because the prices in stores will surprise domestic tourists.

Tours from Kızılot can be made to nearby towns, as well as to visit Antalya or Side. In the latter there are many ancient structures that are still impressive with their scale and beauty. These buildings are the pride of the citizens, they are happy to talk about them. The settlements are located in the ecologically clean zone of the mainland. I would like to say about another amazing place - Manavgat. This is an ideal place for those who are in search of adventure and dreams of discovering one of the mysteries of nature - the waterfall. Sea and lake water, air, food is incredibly useful for human health. Many hotels and resorts will help travellers to regain their strength and good mood. And about the holiday with children on the island I want to say separately. For them, there is open a huge number of water parks, attractions and parks.