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If you have come to Antalya Side town for a holiday, welcome to our city, which is a historical, cultural and natural wonder. We want to make your holiday more fun and enjoyable with the daily Side excursions we organize in region. We can offer you some tours: if you want to have a day full of adrenaline and excitement or see wildlife Side Turkey; Explore the Taurus Mountains with jeep safaris or have crazy fun by using Quad bikes or Buggy vehicles to cross dust, earth, mud and rivers. You can also make rafting the Köprülü canyon, which has views of the mountains, water and sunlight that people wish you were here. If you've come on holiday with your children as a family; we offer to you family tours in Side Antalya Aquarium, one of the largest aquarium complexes in the world, you can have a pleasant and enjoyable time by discovering the magical world of underwater. You can enjoy your day by participating in our event in the largest Water Park (Aquapark) in the Mediterranean region where you can experience joy, excitement and adventure together. You can have fun with your children by having a family joyous day and have fun with your children by participating in a Dolphin show or swimming with dolphins in Side, intelligent, playful and friendly dolphins.

For those of you who want to go out of Side, explore other places and see, we recommend that you check out our accommodation daily Side tours programmes. Before you examine, let us tell you about some of these tours: We are organizing a 2- and 3-day tour program for Cappadocia and Pamukkale Travertines from Side, which are a UNESCO World Heritage Site with cultural, historical and natural beauty. In Cappadocia, you will visit all the regions of Urgup, Goreme, Avanos, Kaymlı, Ihlara, Derinkuyu and Uchisar. You will visit and see all the valleys, underground cities, churches, pottery workshops and wine cellars in these regions. Our Pamukkale tour will visit the travertines formed by thermal waters in the Great Menderes basin with the earthquake that occurred 400 thousand years ago and you will love the visual feast here. The ancient city of Hierapolis, which means "Holy City" in the immediate vicinity of Pamukkale, is located in our Pamukkale tour program and is one of the most beautiful ancient cities our guests have seen with their comments. You will set off with our experienced guides for these cultural and historical tours.

If you are curious about the Side region where you come on holiday, if you want to explore and see historical values and be informed, we also organize tour programs for places to visit. There is a city tour for Side, which is connected to Manavgat district of Antalya province, and tours for some historical sites that we organize only for that region. There will be many places where you can meet with different possibilities. Let us tell you about the places you can explore Side in these tour programmes: The Ancient City of Side may be the closest witness to the history of the region. You will also visit the Temple of Apollo, named after apollo, the god of light, beauty and art. If you are interested in historical monuments, you will be a satirical visit to side museum centuries ago. The ancient city of Seleuika, which has the remains of hellentic, Roman and Byzantine periods, is also on our city tour program. The most important structure of the ancient city, the 2nd century AD. You will have taken a tour of the past with the Aspendos Theatre, built in the 18th century and the work of the Romans. Titreyengöl, nicknamed "Legend", is a natural beauty and has an area of exactly 3000 acres and you will be amazed by this lake. Even the Legend of Titreyengöl. We have created a tour program specially as part of the city tour to the famous Manavgat Waterfall, which is the most popular of our country and no longer heard by people. We even take a boat trip here.

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We have collected the most amazing tour programs on our site with various programs. Tours fall into several categories; historical and cultural excursions, fun, exciting and adrenaline-boosting tours, boat tours and family tours. You can check the days, times, prices and tour schedule of the tour you want to participate in on our website.

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As a Side-Tours travel agency, we have organized and organized more than 40 best day trips around Side Turkey tour programs at a comprehensive level of people's safety, customer satisfaction priority, health in necessary sports activities we have stipulated that we are conditional on a professional trip by accurately promoting the place seen with expert guides on controlled, historical and cultural events.
If there has been a problem that we have been communicating with our customers at the end of the tour and reading their comments about the excursions they have carried out, and if there has been a problem that we have incomplete or failed to provide satisfaction with, we will share our mistake and do the right things. We're educating. If we have customers with low satisfaction, we organize a special tour program for them on behalf of our tour agency. However, our customer satisfaction is generally very high and we get positive reviews. If the positive reviews we receive do not satisfy us 100%, we are still working more to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.
With Side activities our customers who participate in the tour they have enjoyed a lot, have a lot of fun, participated in the historical and cultural trips, if the expert guide and the history of the tourist place with the most accurate information. Our customers provide a team that enjoys this work, puts itself in the customer's place, and loves their job so that not even one second of it is worthless during their time.