Alanya diving from Side

You are welcome to join "Alanya diving from Side" excursion and explore underwater world in one of the most beautiful places in Mediterranean. For beginners this is an ideal opportunity to get acquainted with diving and underwater excitement.

The trip fee is paid on the day of the tour
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Content of the trip

To fly to Turkey and not to visit diving, it is almost impossible, due to the spread of coronavirus infection all costumes, masks, tubes, flippers are subject to complete, strict disinfection, instructors and guides undergo regular medical examination and follow the new rules.

Alanya diving from Side becoming increasingly popular among holidaymakers in Turkey. Alanya is a great location for those who want to try scuba diving in the Mediterranean. Excursion - Alanya diving from Side will allow you to get acquainted with the life of underwater inhabitants. This is a relatively inexpensive and safe opportunity to try diving under the supervision of qualified instructors.

In the morning the tourist group is taken from the hotel and delivered to the local pier. The distance from Side to Alanya is insignificant, but the impressions you get are definitely worth the time and effort. To dive in Turkey, you must have a special certificate of international standard. You can buy a guided tour and get a certificate on the day you go for a swim. A professional instructor will explain in detail how to use the equipment, communicate in the deep sea, and also tell you what the safety standards are. All Alanya diving from Side group members will receive individually selected equipment in full.

You do not need to have special skills and knowledge, so if you have a desire to immerse in the world of underwater depths, and if you are over 14 years old, go diving in Alanya. This is one of the original activities, which is remembered for a lifetime and gives a unique and new interesting experience. Underwater, you can look at sea urchins and stars, moray eels and octopuses, small fish, etc. Those who already have experience in diving can get a chance to see the wreck, ancient amphoras on the seabed, etc.

Tour program:

  • The Alanya diving from Side tour starts early in the morning when instructors provide informations about rules of scuba diving
  • The first dive will last 15-20 minutes at a depth of 5 to 8 m.
  • Then you can dine on the yacht and continue swimming. The second session has a similar duration and depth level.
  • The group arrives back at the port in the evening, after which the participants return to the hotel.

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The cost of the tour includes: Instructor's services, transfer, equipment for swimming under water, lunch.

Additional charges: Drinks, videos and photos.

Take with you: Comfortable and light shoes, clothing, hats, cream and sunglasses. Be sure to take a swim trunks or swimsuit, personal towel, camera or video camera and money to pay for additional services.


  • Gathering guests from the hotel.
  • Departure to Alanya.
  • Arrival at the Alanya Dive Center.
  • Diving Information.
  • Survey guest health.
  • First diving 5 - 8 m. (25 minutes)
  • Lunch on the boat.
  • Second diving to 12 m (25 minutes)
  • Swimming in the sea.
  • Back to the port of Alanya.
  • Departure in Side.
  • Transfer to hotels
Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours
08:00 - 18:00
IncludesInstructor services, transfer, equipment for swimming under water, lunch.
RecommendedSwimsuit and towels
Passenger 20
Adult 40
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