Manavgat waterfall as to get

Manavgat waterfall as to get
2020-12-23 10:27:25
Side Tours

One of the most popular attractions in the Side region is Manavgat Falls. In this regard, many tourists are concerned about how to get to this attraction. Let's start in order, Manavgat waterfall as to get from Side:
✔️ To order a taxi,
✔️ Rent a car,
✔️ to go as part of the tour,
✔️ take a public bus.
Which option depends only on you, but if you are a lover of comfort and do not want to once again be distracted by organizational issues, then the easiest option for you is to order excursions. The tour program includes a visit not only to Manavgat Falls, but also to the city of the same name, which houses the largest mosque in the region, and you can also walk around the local bazaar, where every Monday and Thursday sellers from the surrounding regions take their goods. Here you can buy everything - whether magnets for souvenirs and ending with good textiles, leather and exquisite sweets. Make your choice and go on a journey!!!