Where is Cappadocia

Where is Cappadocia
2020-12-22 14:29:24
Side Tours

Many tourists come on vacation choose their leisure time. Someone prefers to spend the whole holiday in a hotel near the pool or lying on the beach, someone prefers active tours such as rafting, jeep safari, diving and so on. And there are true connoisseurs of history who want to get acquainted with the historical heritage and culture of Turkey.
For such tourists in our arsenal a huge selection of excursions. These are Pamukkale, Demre, Antique Side, Istanbul, Israel and Cappadocia.
Today we will take a closer look at the extreme tour. Where is Cappadocia? This mysterious unearthly attraction, also called the valley of horses and beautiful fairies, is located in the province of Nevshehir, near the city of Konya. This is the central part of the Republic of Turkey. It's about 7-8 hours from Side to Cappadocia. And that's the minimum time. From other regions to get here even longer, so if you wanted to watch a parade of balls and get acquainted with the mysterious valleys, this is your chance.
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