Dolphin park in Side Turkey 2020, is perfect day for your family.

Dolphin park in Side

The Dolphin Park in Side will be a wonderful experience for you and your family, as well as the opportunity to be in the company of one of the most intelligent and most affectionate sea mammals. Visit a Dolphin Park and watch a fascinating show, swim and take pictures with Dolphins for long memories

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Important information! Coronavirus has influenced changes in tourism and during this difficult period it is necessary to adhere to certain measures on your part: careful hand hygiene, the presence of a protective mask on the face. On the part of our company and dolphinarium: monitoring the health of all employees, supplying you with everything you need during the tour, cleaning with disinfectant vehicles, forming small groups. 

Dolphin park in Side

Excursion to the Dolphin park in Side - Alanya from Side is a great chance to watch a fascinating show and book swimming with dolphins, to communicate with trained inhabitants of the sea. You can swim with these amazing animals by prior arrangement with the managers of our company. You can take incredible photos to commemorate your holiday in Turkey, especially children like this kind of entertainment.

What is available in Dolphin park in Side

Dolphinarium Sealanya is located near the popular Turkish resort of Alanya. The distance from Side to Sealanya takes an average of 1-2 hours to travel, however, it is worth it to enjoy a wonderful show during the trip, which is wildly popular.

This is an opportunity to take a relatively inexpensive look at the presentation, which takes part not only dolphins, but also bottlenose dolphins, seals and lions. They will have fun in transparent water, jump through the hoop and play. The Sea dwellers within the show dance and, Just imagine, sing!

Dolphin therapy is also in demand, allowing you to personally interact with these friendly, incredibly intelligent animals, play and swim with them. It is recommended to buy tickets for dolphin therapy in advance, to negotiate with the dolphinarium administrators, as there are quite a few people who want to swim with the inhabitants of the water expanses. In the process, you can shoot everything on camera, you can also buy photos with dolphins, which will be quickly produced in the local photo studio.

Features - What you need to know:

  • Day show at the Dolphinarium Sealanya starts at 3 pm Travel time from the hotel is specified additionally.
  • The duration of the dolphin show is 50 minutes.
  • The dolphinarium is located close to the sea, despite the fact that a special awning is stretched over the seats, do not neglect the protective equipment from the sun's rays and be sure to take a hat.
  • There will be water in the front rows of guests, so be prepared for this by choosing clothes for visiting the Dolphinarium. Handle the equipment carefully and protect it from getting liquid.
  •  We also recommend that you try Dolphin island boat tour.

Included in the price: Transfer from the hotel and back, insurance, entrance tickets to the Dolphinarium Sealanya.

Additional charges: photos and video, swimming with dolphins.

As a result, you get great pictures for instagram and impressions for life! Please yourself and your children with an excursion tour to the Dolphinarium Sealanya.


  • Departure from the hotel
  • Arrival at the Dolphinarium
  • The first part of the show
  • Pause
  • The second part of the Dolphin show
  • Show of fur seals
  • Walrus Show
  • Time to take pictures with dolphins
  • Gathering guests
  • Transfer to hotel
Tour daysEvery Day
Tour hours
10:00 - 13:00
IncludesTransfer, entrance ticket to the Dolphinarium, insurance
ExcludesPhotographing with dolphins
Don't ForgetsThe hat for sun protection, camera
Adults 30
Child (3 - 9) 27
Infants (0 - 2)Free
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