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Fire of Anatolia Side Turkey 2021 is a unique opportunity to attend an extraordinary dance performance, with 120 professional dancers, in the Aspendos amphitheater. Get to know Turkish culture and history through the synthesis of traditional folk dances of Anatolia with modern dance and ballet

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Content of the trip

Excursion to the show "The Fires of Anatolia" from Side has become a real business card, which is very popular among holidaymakers. Just imagine - you will be able to buy a ticket for the performance of a dance ensemble of 120 participants, who has been on tour in more than 80 countries.

“The Fires of Anatolia” even performed at Eurovision and were recorded in the Guinness book of records. The Cost of the ticket is compensated by the opportunity to get acquainted with the national heritage of Turkey and the eastern ancient culture. Participants of the excursion can enjoy the spectacle of a dance show, luxurious costumes, colorful decorations.

What you need to know about the "Fire of Anatolia"

Today “Fire of Anatolia” show two versions of the performances:

  • Evolution. These are Mediterranean dances, the culture of the peoples of the Eastern and Central Asian countries, the peoples of the Aegean, as well as the Black Sea. Here you will see not only the national peculiarities of Turkey but also motives originally from Georgia and Azerbaijan, a part of modern music in combination with the unique ancient culture of Anatolia.
  • Troy. Dance show based on the poem of the legendary Homer.

This dance ensemble glorified Turkey to the whole world, holding 2 records - for the fastest performance of a dance show and the largest audience. Resting in Side, you have a wonderful opportunity to evaluate the unique show “Fire of Anatolia” with your own eyes.

In the period from April to November, dance performance is shown around the ancient city of Aspendos. The distance from Side to the place where the show will take place will take not so much time; you will get incredible impressions from watching dances. The Aspendos amphitheater accommodates 5,000 guests, and the show takes place on the world's largest stage (1,300 square meters).

Included in the price: Ticket for the performance, a transfer from the hotel and back, insurance.

Additional charges: Drinks.

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When you go to the show "Fire of Anatolia" from Side don’t forget to bring money with you to pay extra expenses. Please note: The price of a child and adult ticket is different, so when ordering, provide a copy of the documents or a special voucher to confirm the child's age. Excursion to the show "the Lights of Anatolia" from Side.

This is an amazing show, which is really worth visiting, even in spite of coronavirus. Absolutely all tourist places are regularly disinfected, and authorized employees strictly monitor compliance with the new rules. All holidaymakers are available sanitizers, disposable masks, and seats are organized in accordance with the social distance.


  • Gathering guests from the hotel
  • Arriving at a restaurant
  • Dinner at a restaurant
  • Departure to the Arena
  • Accommodation at the central places of the Arena
  • The first part of the show
  • Intermission
  • The second part of the program
  • Transfer to hotel
Tour daysFriday
Tour hours
19:00 - 24:00
IncludesTransfer, insurance, dinner, guide service, concert tickets
RecommendedBedspread or towel (for hard seat), mosquito repellent
Adult 45
Children (12 - 7 Ages ) 20
Infants (0 - 11 Ages ) 0
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